Debaaj is a community that fully respects and welcomes members of all levels of experience, all ages and from anywhere in the world! Connecting the creative designers with customers who love unique and creative products, to create the most beautiful community you would join.


Intellectual Property

When you are posting your artwork on Debaaj, always make sure that you own full ownership for the artwork to make sure everything goes smooth.



Any designer that uploads merch on his store on our platform is completely responsible of contacting the respective merch owner and he/she (the designer) should have full rights for uploading that merch.



• Age: We welcome anyone that is 16 years or older.

• Adult language: Designs that contain adult language and swears are not acceptable.

• Racism: Any racist content or behavior will not be acceptable in any way. Same goes for designs that contain racist content.

• Violence and hatred: Designs that glorifies violence is not permitted. This includes graphic depictions of violence or anything related to it.

• Harassment: Harassing behavior includes: to disturb persistently, torment, humiliate, bother continually, pester or persecute. Names don’t have to be mentioned in order for behavior to be considered harassing. Harassment doesn’t have to be negative behavior; it also includes unwelcome behavior.

• Upload limits: As we know you got alot of awesome designs you want to share, we suggest you don't upload more than 50 design per day. That way you can leave space for other fellow-designers to upload their works.

 • If a designer doesn't enter their selling price for their products, Debaaj has the right to set it to the default price which is 180 for tishrts and 320 for hoodies.

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