Profit Calculator

In this page you will know how to calculate your profit margin and price your products correctly.


The simple formula is: Product base price + Your profit = Product final price

For example, our Premium T-shirt base price is 135 LE. So if you want to make a 50 LE profit for each sale you make, you should price the t-shirt for 185 LE.

Remember that you can always get higher profit margin by selling your products at a higher price. A shirt sold for 235 LE will get you 100 LE per sale!

Products Base Price List:

Unisex Premium T-Shirt (One side): 135 LE

Unisex Premium T-Shirt (Front & Back): 215 LE

Unisex Premium Hoodie (One side): 240 LE

Unisex Premium Hoodie (Front & Back): 320 LE